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Amazon Experience Jungle Tours and hosting is committed to show the Amazonian jungle and its culture in the most possible authentic and honest way


At Amazon Experience we are specialized in Jungle Tours where you, the adventurer, will live a unique and personalized Experience, in which, you will enter deep into primary Jungle in search of wildlife, accompanied by native guides who will teach you survival skills and their different lifestyle.

In other words: throughout the experience we will show you the amazing types of our various forests, fascinating paradise spots and the knowledge of the Amazonian native people!

From one day tours to six day jungle excursions, we also offer customized tours for fishing, bird sighting and much more.

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Javari River Tour

Javari River and Zacambu Tour

The Javari River and Zacambu tour (three days two nights) is a great way to have a true jungle experience. On this tour you’ll explore Peruvian jungle and the Gamboa and Zacambu rivers and lakes, where you will get to watch pink and gray dolphins in their natural habitat.

Indigenous tribe experience tour

Deep Jungle Experience Tour

This Tour is intended to visit primary jungle with native/indigenous guides and it is meant for travelers who look for a one-of-a-kind survival experience.



Casa de las Palmas in Leticia Amazonas Colombia is a great meeting point for travelers looking for adventure, jungle tours with an authentic touch and a real Amazon Experience.


What to bring to the jungle?

Middle size backpack, water bottle, sunscreen, repellent, flashlights and any additional items you may need, such as change of clothes or food.

What to wear in the jungle tour?

Dress in comfortable clothes that you can wear during the tours, because you must bear in mind that in several of them are made long walks in the middle of the jungle. We recommend the use of long sleeve shirt and long pants to avoid insect bites. Avoid the use of leggings, as they do not provide as much protection in the jungle. Finally, in terms of clothing, avoid the use of black, since it can attract mosquitoes.

What’s included in the tour?

All tours include rubber boots, hammocks, mosquito nets, meals, water, guides, activities, transportation, lodging and assistance insurance.